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We Make The Difference in Your Ability to Acquire Research Funding
Academicians are trained in depth to perform research. Paradoxically, however, they usually receive little or no formal training on how to support their studies with grant dollars. Grant Writers' Seminars and Workshops, LLC was founded by academicians, for academicians, to help overcome that problem.

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The importance of the changes that NIH has implemented for the preparation and review of grant applications cannot be exaggerated. The Grant Application Writer's Workbook for the NIH - Forms C Update with Biosketch Supplement will provide you with all the information you need to cope with these changes. They collectively represent a true paradigm shift in approach and include
  • Switch to a 9-point evaluation scale.

  • Greater emphasis on quality of content and less on detailed description of what will be done.

  • Greater emphasis on funding the applications of New/Early Stage Investigators.

  • Standardization and shortening of reviews.

  • Greater emphasis on the fastest path to funding: decision to reapply or switch to a new idea.

  • Shortening of the length of the Research Plan, with elimination of sections for review of literature and presentation of preliminary data.

  • Linkage of sections of the application to each of the five core review criteria.
These innovations have completely changed the formatting and review of NIH research-grant proposals, not only technically, but philosophically. We are not usually given to hyperbole, but in this case it is warranted: In our opinion, these are without question the most important and positive changes in the writing and review of grant applications since we first began submitting proposals to NIH in 1972. Let us guide you in turning these changes to your advantage.
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