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Are you Prepared?

Learn how to cope with the new shortened format.

(Half Day)

In addition to addressing both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to the proposal-writing process, this seminar addresses the “Peer Review Enhancements” that NIH implemented in January, 2010. The changes in how NIH grant applications are written and reviewed represent a true paradigm shift and their importance should not be underestimated. These innovations have necessitated an extensively revised approach to the development of research-grant proposals, not only technically, but philosophically. Topics covered in the seminar include:
  • The new 9-point evaluation scale for evaluation of each of the five core review criteria, as well as overall impact.
  • Greater emphasis on quality of content and less on detailed description of what will be done.
  • Greater emphasis on funding the applications of New/Early Stage Investigators--sooner.
  • Standardization and shortening of reviews.
  • Greater emphasis on the fastest path to funding: resubmit or switch to a different research project.
  • Shortening of the Research Plan, by eliminating specific sections (Background [Review of Literature] and Preliminary Studies).
  • Linkage of specific sections of the application to each of the five core review criteria.
  • Inclusion of new sections (Innovation, Environment-Contribution to Success, Personal Statement, and, when applicable, Institutional Commitment to Early Stage Investigator).

All participants receive an extensive PowerPoint handout, as well as a copy of the NIH version of
The Grant Application Writers' Workbook


University of Texas Medical
at the University of Florida

University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

Tufts University

  • The material was presented well and the speaker was knowledgeable.

  • Very helpful in terms of defining the "purpose" of each section. I have not previously seen this.

  • One of the best seminars on grant application process I’ve attended.

  • It’s great to have the handout - it was very helpful. This was timely and much appreciated.

  • I have been to a number of "grantsmanship" seminars, and this one was by far the most useful in terms of amount and quality of information presented for unit time.

  • Excellent presentation.

  • Thanks for offering this- timely indeed.

  • I have learned a lot about the new approach to grant writing that is invaluable for me. I now fully understand what I have to do.

  • Examples were great.

  • Overall superb!!

  • Terrific!! Concise, spot on with my instruction as a study section reviewer, yet also provided tactics for preparation and writing. Particularly strong in providing rationale for changes and for why NIH made changes and how you should respond and why you should respond that way.

  • Great seminar, lots of information presented in a very thoughtful way.

  • I have nothing to say about improving this seminar! I found [the presenter] very clear and knowledgeable. Hopefully there will be more of these seminars! Thank you!

  • Really excellent, clear presentation.