Client Reviews – Seminars

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. The information I learned will definitely enhance my chances of receiving federal funding. In particular, I gained insightful and thoughtful information on how to craft the research design. Thanks a million!!!”

– Professor, Teacher Education, Michigan State University

“Excellent course! I’m grateful for all the good advice and the outstanding presentation.”

– MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

“I very much enjoyed the presentation; it was informative and extremely helpful. The presenter was quite engaging and responsive to our questions and comments. The slide presentation was comprehensive and answered many of the questions I had about the grant proposal writing process.”

– Associate Professor, Classical and Modern Languages,  Wayne State University

“Excellent presentation. Comprehensive and focused on practical application.”

– Assistant  Professor, Psychiatry, University of Michigan

“This seminar is spectacular. It provides clear, step-by-step instructions for writing an appealing, intelligent, competitive grant proposal. This approach takes the mystique and guesswork out of grant proposal writing, making it much less intimidating. Thank you.”

– Ph.D., Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University

“I came having been around funded research for 20 years. But I came with my two Ph.D. students… I wish I would have gone through this 20 years ago. All of our faculty need this seminar.”

– Associate Professor, Communication Science & Disorders, Michigan State University

“Examples of “good writing” vs “what not to do” were extremely useful; better than just theoretical rules.”

– Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

“The presenter was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about the topics presented. The seminar and reference materials will become a critical part of my proposal development process.”

– Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Oklahoma State University

“Fantastic, informative, engaging. Appreciate the newest updates to NSF/NIH requirements.”

– Assistant Professor, Health Sciences, Cleveland State University

“Overall a very helpful experience – the presenters were engaging and helpful with specific advice. The seminar helps to demystify a difficult process for the uninitiated and is greatly appreciated.”

– Assistant Professor, Purdue University

“Excellent and illuminating.”

– Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco

“Outstanding presentation. I like the illustrations / examples that were used.”

– Associate Professor, Baylor University

“This was very informative and answered many questions that were of concern to me. Thank you.”

– Graduate Student/Research Asst., Health & Nutrition Science, Brooklyn College

“Speaker was excellent. Managed to get me “fired up” about a notoriously dreaded topic.

– Assistant Professor, Idaho State University

“I come to this yearly. I firmly believe the structure helped me obtain my first NIH R01. Thank you for helping me stay focused on my writing.”

– Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery, Wayne State University School of Medicine

“This seminar was fabulous – I suspect that IUB will get an actual, measurable increase in money coming in over the next several years as a direct result of the advice and insight we all gained because of this.”

– Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Indiana  Bloomington

“This is a very useful workshop; highly informative. It made me realize that my current proposals have more flaws than I had anticipated. It also made me aware of poor habits in proposal writing that I had never thought about. It provided me with resources I can use and apply for the rest of my career.”

– Doctoral Student, Sociology, Texas A&M University

“Without a doubt, one of (if not THE) very best workshops of any type I have ever attended!”

– Assistant Professor, College of Public Health, The Ohio State University

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended.”

– Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“This is my third time to take this course. My scores improved significantly after taking it. I have received a D43, three R01 awards, two R21 awards, and one R25. Just received a twenty-million dollar consortium grant from DoD. Each time I take the course I get more clear and simple in my writing. At my second course and this, my third course, I brought my research forms. You do an excellent job.”

– Associate Professor, Oregon Health and Science University