Client Reviews – Seminars

“I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. The information I learned will definitely enhance my chances of receiving federal funding. In particular, I gained insightful and thoughtful information on how to craft the research design. Thanks a million!!!”

– Professor, Teacher Education, Michigan State University

“Many participants expressed their appreciation of the course and revived enthusiasm for writing their own grant proposals. I know the Grant Writers’ methodology has made a big impression on many of our faculty, so thank you for bringing it to another eager audience this year.”

– Vice Dean for Research, Professor of Medicine, Duke University

“Excellent course! I’m grateful for all the good advice and the outstanding presentation.”

– MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

“This was extremely helpful. This is my second time attending this course (I got my first grant five years ago using this approach). Highly recommended!”

– Associate Professor, Radiology, University of Cincinnati

“I very much enjoyed the presentation; it was informative and extremely helpful. The presenter was quite engaging and responsive to our questions and comments. The slide presentation was comprehensive and answered many of the questions I had about the grant proposal writing process.”

– Associate Professor, Classical and Modern Languages,  Wayne State University

“Excellent presentation. Comprehensive and focused on practical application.”

– Assistant  Professor, Psychiatry, University of Michigan

“This seminar is spectacular. It provides clear, step-by-step instructions for writing an appealing, intelligent, competitive grant proposal. This approach takes the mystique and guesswork out of grant proposal writing, making it much less intimidating. Thank you.”

– Ph.D., Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University

“I came having been around funded research for 20 years. But I came with my two Ph.D. students… I wish I would have gone through this 20 years ago. All of our faculty need this seminar.”

– Associate Professor, Communication Science & Disorders, Michigan State University

“Examples of “good writing” vs “what not to do” were extremely useful; better than just theoretical rules.”

– Associate Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

“The presenter was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about the topics presented. The seminar and reference materials will become a critical part of my proposal development process.”

– Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Oklahoma State University

“Fantastic, informative, engaging. Appreciate the newest updates to NSF/NIH requirements.”

– Assistant Professor, Health Sciences, Cleveland State University

“Overall a very helpful experience – the presenters were engaging and helpful with specific advice. The seminar helps to demystify a difficult process for the uninitiated and is greatly appreciated.”

– Assistant Professor, Purdue University

“I am an experienced and successful grant writer and I still learned a great deal that will improve the funding proposal I am currently completing. Thank you.”

– Professor, Iowa State University

“Wow, I finally got a very constructive and logical explanation of what the specific aims sections should contain.”

– Professor, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

“Excellent and illuminating.”

– Assistant Professor, University of California, San Francisco

“Outstanding presentation. I like the illustrations / examples that were used.”

– Associate Professor, Baylor University

“This was very informative and answered many questions that were of concern to me. Thank you.”

– Graduate Student/Research Asst., Health & Nutrition Science, Brooklyn College

“Speaker was excellent. Managed to get me “fired up” about a notoriously dreaded topic.

– Assistant Professor, Idaho State University

“I come to this yearly. I firmly believe the structure helped me obtain my first NIH R01. Thank you for helping me stay focused on my writing.”

– Assistant Professor, Neurosurgery, Wayne State University School of Medicine

“This seminar was fabulous – I suspect that IUB will get an actual, measurable increase in money coming in over the next several years as a direct result of the advice and insight we all gained because of this.”

– Assistant Professor, Linguistics, University of Indiana  Bloomington

“This is a very useful workshop; highly informative. It made me realize that my current proposals have more flaws than I had anticipated. It also made me aware of poor habits in proposal writing that I had never thought about. It provided me with resources I can use and apply for the rest of my career.”

– Doctoral Student, Sociology, Texas A&M University

“Without a doubt, one of (if not THE) very best workshops of any type I have ever attended!”

– Assistant Professor, College of Public Health, The Ohio State University

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended.”

– Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“This is my third time to take this course. My scores improved significantly after taking it. I have received a D43, three R01 awards, two R21 awards, and one R25. Just received a twenty-million dollar consortium grant from DoD. Each time I take the course I get more clear and simple in my writing. At my second course and this, my third course, I brought my research forms. You do an excellent job.”

– Associate Professor, Oregon Health and Science University