Client Reviews – Seminars

“I wanted to thank you very much for your presentation for many reasons. First, the presentation was excellent.  Second, I have been trying to figure out how to apply to NIH. Your seminar probably saved me months of effort in trying to figure out NIH for myself, and years of effort in terms of the mistakes I would have made in writing grant proposals. The seminar gave me a completely different perspective about grants and about the process of writing grants. Also, I wanted to thank you because you spoke all day, even during breaks to help us out and answer all our questions.”

– Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering,
North Dakota State University

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!  Great applicability. Great presenter. Easy to follow and understand.”

– Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

“[The presenter] was excellent. Very clear, engaging and informative. Thank you. Really great analogies and sense of humor. I actually found this to be the best grant workshop I have attended at the University.”

– Assistant  Professor, University of Connecticut

“Thank you. I learned a lot and realized that I’ve made many mistakes in previous proposals. I very much appreciate this opportunity and hope to apply it to good use.”

– Associate Professor, Wayne State University

“I learned so much in this presentation. [The presenter] gave ample relevant examples, spoke to the needs and concerns of ESI and established investigators alike. His energy level made it enjoyable to learn all day long.”

– Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

“I appreciated the energy and passion [the presenter] brought. Presentation was well organized and full of fine tips and big ideas. I’m left believing I can do this work. Thank you for a fine and helpful workshop!”

– Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut

“This was amazing! Informative, hilarious and gave me confidence not just for better grant proposals but also better pitches for other projects as well.  Thank you for making this available.”

– Assistant Professor, Wright State University

“The seminar was exceptionally useful. I really hope that this and similar types of seminars are held / organized on a regular basis. That would be a great aid in dealing with the increasingly challenging task of writing winning grants.”

– Assistant Professor, Brown University

“Wow! [The speaker] presented phenomenal techniques that will greatly aid my grant writing and hopefully grant success.  Thank you for having her come. I would highly recommend this workshop.”

– Assistant Professor, Wright State University

“Exceptional course. Very helpful and knowledgeable presenter.”

– Professor, SUNY Upstate

“So, so valuable!  This [NSF CAREER Award] seminar provided great information and ideas!!”

– Assistant Professor, Baylor University

“Outstanding presentation. I like the illustrations / examples that were used.”

– Associate Professor, Baylor University

“[The presenter] knows her subject and she knows her audience. I appreciated her ability to adapt her materials for a Humanities / Arts group.

– Associate Professor, University of Wyoming


– Associate Professor, University of Virginia

“Speaker’s level of expertise was clear, and made his presentation very relevant. Very valuable information. MSU is smart to offer this program.”

– Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

“Truly priceless.”

– Professor, University of Missouri

“Extremely helpful, especially with regard to reviewers. Enjoyed seeing examples of all that he explained.”

– Instructor, Washington University School of Medicine

“One of the most helpful seminars I have ever had the privilege of attending.”

– Assistant Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended.”

– Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

“This is my third time to take this course. My scores improved significantly after taking it. I have received a D43, three R01 awards, two R21 awards, and one R25. Just received a twenty-million dollar consortium grant from DoD. Each time I take the course I get more clear and simple in my writing. At my second course and this, my third course, I brought my research forms. You do an excellent job.

– Associate Professor, Oregon Health and Science University

“This seminar was excellent!! It was incredibly informative and provided tips and examples that are going to help me improve my grant applications. The concepts were clearly explained and the rationale for doing things and not doing things was helpful. The speaker was very engaging and it felt like a discussion rather than just being lectured at. The handouts and workbooks are also excellent resources. I stayed engaged the entire time!”

– Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

“Lived up to being outstanding. Detailed, practical guidance.”

– Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

“We are already looking to the 2015 calendar and the Executive Associate Vice President for Research would like to have you present your all-day [seminar] in the Spring and Fall semesters. You are obviously gathering a fan club on our campus to have repeat and funded folks in the workshops!”

– Executive Director, Research Development, Division of Research, Texas A&M University