National Institutes of Health
(and any other Public Health Service agency)
The magnitude and importance of the changes in how applications to NIH are written and reviewed cannot be exaggerated. On balance, they are exceptionally positive but difficult for applicants to implement. This version of the new Grant Application Writer's Workbook - NIH is designed to help members of the extramural community understand and cope with these changes so that they can capitalize on them at the earliest possible time. It is designed to give members of the extramural community 'guidelines and instructions' on how to write the shortened proposals that are now required.

This version of the Workbook, Forms C with Biosketch Supplement, continues to emphasize principles and fundamentals of good proposal writing, together with tips and strategies that kept its authors continuously funded throughout their research careers. The Workbook is interactive in the sense that examples pertinent to the shortened format are provided, after which the reader is asked to make a comparable response in his/her area of research interest. As such responses are made, the first draft of the application falls into place. The new Workbook's contents can be sampled by clicking on the 'open-book' icons at the right.

The Workbook refers users to downloads from that allow the applicant to interactively: (i) create a bullet outline as the first step in developing the template or master plan for the rest of the Research Plan, and (ii) set up a writing schedule.