National Science Foundation
For most funding opportunities, NSF allows electronic submission of a proposal through either (SF424 format) or FastLane (NSF's historical electronic format). Because > 90% of applicants have chosen to submit through FastLane, our NSF Workbook is for that format. Principles and fundamentals of good proposal writing are emphasized in this Workbook, together with tips and strategies that kept the authors continuously funded throughout their research careers. The approaches can easily be transposed to the SF424 format if is chosen as the preparation/submission system. The Workbook is interactive in the sense that examples are provided after which the reader is asked to make a comparable response in his/her area of research interest. As such responses are made the first draft of the application evolves. The Workbook's contents can be sampled by clicking on the 'open-book' icons at the right.

Online access to templates complements the Workbook, allowing the user to: (i) set up a writing schedule, and (ii) create a bullet outline that guides preparation of the master plan for the Project Description.