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Ask the Experts – NEVER let this happen to you!

We recently received the following correspondence from an NSF grant applicant:

“Dear GWSW,

I was very recently unable to complete the submission of my CRII proposal, which was due to the NSF last Wednesday. I, unfortunately, made one of the worst mistakes I could make in my life. I delayed all the document uploading until the last minute without considering the delays that may occur during web document conversion. The deadline was passed by a minute or less when the proposal package was finally ready for submission, but it was unfortunately too late…

Ask the Experts: Do I need collaborators/consultants for my grant proposal?

I have considered inclusion of two advisers to help interpret (data) and write up results, but mostly for a relatively limited time/effort. However, they are significant contributors to my field with substantive expertise in the topic. If listed as Other Significant Contributors–collaborators, do they need person months and/or a sub-award? How would you suggest that I categorize these individuals on my R21 NIH grant application? …

A recent “Ask the Experts” from a reader re: NSF Program Officer

“Dear GWSW,
I recently heard back from the NSF ECR program officer on my Overview and Objectives section and, while she did agree that the proposal was appropriately theory-focused, she had serious reservations regarding the unique contribution of my proposal (i.e. ‘the area is already well covered by other applicants’). I followed up with more details on the data and methodology of my study and…