NIH Career Development Awards

This seminar is for Career Development Award (CDA) candidates and their mentors. It emphasizes the partnering between candidate, mentor and institution that is necessary to make these proposals successful, resulting in protected time for research. The National Institutes of Health’s mentored K Awards, and NIH’s Ruth L. Kirschstein F32 National Research Service Award for individual post-doctoral fellows are used as representative applications; the principles and fundamentals learned are transposable to the CDAs of other agencies – only the specifics vary. Content of the seminar includes tips and strategies on getting reference letters; selecting and getting the most from a mentor; how review criteria can be used to inform the writing of a CDA; the kinds of research and training that should be proposed, and much, much more. All participants receive an extensive handout, as well as a copy of the NIH version of The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook.