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Writing and Publishing High-Impact Research Manuscripts


Peer-reviewed publications are one of the key metrics that reviewers of grant applications use in assessing the qualifications and expertise of the research team for the proposed work. Increasingly, it is the quality and impact, not the quantity, of those contributions that matter most.

Our experience is that obstacles encountered in getting organized to prepare a manuscript, and in manuscript preparation, submission, review, and resubmission often dissuade potential authors from completing these tasks. These obstacles will be diminished for attendees of our Writing and Publishing High-Impact Research Manuscripts seminar, increasing the likelihood that the results of their biomedical research will be effectively communicated to their targeted audience as a high-quality peer-reviewed published article.

Seminar attendees will improve their ability to:

  • Compose an Abstract that efficiently communicates all key new findings from their study
  • Construct an Introduction that provides a conceptual justification for the research reported in the manuscript
  • Prepare a Results Section that clearly communicates the rationale for performing each experiment, the data generated from those experiments, and a preliminary interpretation of those results
  • Compose a Discussion that effectively communicates the major conclusions of the manuscript, the evidence leading to those conclusions, and the significance of these new findings to their field
  • Distinguish references that should be cited in their manuscript from those that should not be cited
  • Select an appropriate journal for their manuscript submission based on scope, acceptance rates, impact factor, and accessibility
  • Formulate an informed strategy regarding who should, and should not, be included as authors on their manuscripts, and the order in which they should be listed
  • Interact more effectively with Reviewers and Editors, as their manuscript is reviewed, and revise their manuscript accordingly

All participants receive an extensive handout, as well as a copy of the newly updated and revised Writing for Biomedical Publication – A Publication Guide for Biomedical Scientists.

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