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Our workbooks are guides to successful grantsmanship. Many of our clients regard theirs as the ultimate authority on proposal writing. That level of regard stems from the practical, step-by-step approach that is offered, which you can sample by clicking on the cover of any of the versions – NIH, NSF, USDA-NIFA or Any Other Agency.

Written by academicians for academicians, each of the workbooks begins with a discussion of how to develop and refine a compelling idea. The reader is then led systematically through tips and strategies that are relevant to writing each section of the proposal. Examples of well-crafted components are provided. The decision to purchase a workbook should be regarded as an investment in your future – a decision that will help to ensure that your next grant application is maximally competitive.

Any Other Agency Version


Applicable to agencies other than NIH, NSF & USDA-NIFA


Writing for Biomedical Publication


A Publication Guide for Biomedical Scientists


Publish – Don’t Perish

The adage, “Publish or Perish”, has never been truer in biomedical fields than it is today. Many inexperienced, and some experienced, researchers struggle as they transition from generating collecting, and analyzing data to the preparation of a manuscript that describes the results of their research. In fact, flaws in manuscript preparation, rather than flaws in the research itself, contribute to many editorial decisions to reject manuscripts. Given the importance of a successful publication record to the advancement of a scientist’s career, proper guidance in manuscript preparation is essential. Writing for Biomedical Publication – a Publication Guide for Biomedical Scientists systematically lays out how to think about and write each section of a biomedical manuscript. These step-by-step directions should facilitate the task of manuscript preparation and help authors avoid many of the common pitfalls that lead to manuscript rejection.

The creators of Writing for Biomedical Publication also address how to identify co-authors, how to select the right journal for manuscript submission, how to relate to editors, how to respond to reviewers, how to avoid conflicts of interest, and many other thorny issues. The Biomedical Publication landscape has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, and is continuing to change at a rapid pace due to political pressure, technological advances, and changes in business models. The guidance provided in our workbook will assist researchers as they attempt to navigate this shifting landscape.

This revised edition (January 2017) has been extensively updated, and has been reformatted to be more user-friendly.  Click on the cover image to learn more.


USDA-NIFA announced a new approach to making grant applications on March 11, 2015, which requires that we revise and update our Workbook. Sales of the new, updated version should begin again in May or June. If you would like to be notified when the newly revised USDA Workbook is ready, please provide your email address and we will contact you.