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FastLane  and Version

NOTE:  This NEWLY UPDATED version (October, 2021) of The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – NSF FastLane and Version – has been updated and designed to reflect changes to the NSF submission process. You may click on the sample page on your right titled, Principal Changes in This Edition, to learn what changes have been made to the NSF Edition Workbook. You may also wish to click other Sample Pages to view some of the Workbook updates and information. The new NSF Version is applicable for all proposals to be submitted on October 4, 2021 or later, and it is available now by clicking Add to Cart on your left!  

The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – NSF FastLane and Version covers how applications to the National Science Foundation are prepared and reviewed. This October 2021 edition has been updated to comply with the revised version of the Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) (NSF22-1) – effective for all proposals due or submitted on or after October 4, 2021. Some changes for this revised version are updates to: the chapter on how to write an Expected Significance section, including a new example; use of an NSF-approved and required format for the Biographical Sketch, as well as formatting of publications under Products; info on submitting via; Reviewers Not to Include language that eliminates requirement to provide an explanation; Current and Pending Support Information; reference to a new table – NSF Pre-award and Post-Award Disclosures; and more. All URLs and screenshots have also been updated.

Principles and fundamentals of good proposal writing are also emphasized, together with essential tips and strategies to produce an end result that is clear, concise, and follows a rational progression. Examples are provided in the Workbook, after which you’re asked to make a comparable response in your area of research interest. As each such response is made, the first draft of your application evolves.

Give yourself a competitive advantage when you write your next proposal to the NSF by investing in the latest updated iteration of The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – NSF FastLane and Version, available for purchase today by clicking the Add to Cart button.