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Develop a Competitive Application, Step by Step

Workshop programs begin with the seminar, Write Winning Grant Proposals. Interested members of the audience then compete for up to 25 positions in this follow-on workshop program. New, renewal and resubmitted applications are eligible. Assistance in responding to prior review is provided to those who write resubmissions. Proposals can utilize any grant mechanism, to any agency, in any discipline.

Initial focus is on writing the template or master plan for the rest of the Research Plan / Project Description. That document is reviewed and critiqued as part of an on-site session that includes ample group and one-on-one interaction with our consultant. The rest of the proposal is then developed following a flexible writing schedule that is tailored to accommodate each participant’s other professional and personal commitments.

Writing during the program is facilitated by a field-relevant copy of The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook. Off-site interactions with the workshop consultant are conducted by email, telephone and Skype, as required, to ensure that the specific needs of each participant are addressed. The final draft is critiqued for grantsmanship by our consultant, after which it is reviewed for scientific and technical errors by members of a pre-submission review committee that is set up by the workshop participant. Thus, by the time it is submitted, a proposal has gone through three rounds of rigorous internal review, which is what helps to ensure maximal competitiveness of the resultant application.