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In our opinion, more good ideas submitted to NIH are lost due to poor packaging and presentation – poor grantsmanship – than for any other reason. The NIH version of our Workbook is designed to avoid that trap.

The Workbook is interactive. We explain how to write each component of the proposal, after which we offer an example. We then invite you to write something comparable for the subject that you are presenting. As you make those responses, one after the other, the first draft of your application gradually falls into place.

The current edition is updated to include instructions on how to cope with rigor, transparency and other changes that will be implemented by NIH for applications submitted between January 25 and May 24, 2016.  The electronic update is a password-protected Supplement, to which you will have access if you decide to purchase the NIH Workbook now.  For applications submitted on or after May 25, 2016, we will publish a new, FORMS-D Edition of The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – NIH Version.  It will complement the new FORMS-D application package that NIH will publish this Spring.

You can sample content of the Workbook by clicking on the open-book icons to the right, one of which is a sample of the Supplement. Give yourself a competitive advantage when you write your next proposal to the National Institutes of Health: Invest in a copy of the NIH version of The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook.