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FastLane Version

NOTE:  The newly revised and updated NSF Version of The  Grant Application Writer’s Workbook is now available. It has been updated to change all citations of the Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) and of the Award and Administration Guide (AAG) to comparable parts of the newly published Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG). All URLs and screenshots have also been updated. In addtion, other recent changes made by NSF have been included, such as those related to the Biographical Sketch. 

The Grant Application Writer’s Workbook – NSF FastLane Version covers how applications to the National Science Foundation are prepared and reviewed. In particular, use of the same review criteria for Intellectual Merit and Broader Impacts is demystified. Particular emphasis is placed on what constitutes an appropriate Broader Impacts activity.

Principles and fundamentals of good proposal writing are also emphasized, together with tips and strategies that kept the authors continuously funded throughout their research careers. The Workbook is interactive in the sense that examples are provided, after which the reader is asked to make a comparable response in his/her area of research interest. As each such response is made, the first draft of the application evolves. The Workbook’s contents can be sampled by clicking on the open-book icons at the right.